Customs Advisory Services

Managing all things “Brexit”  

As with any agreement, the devil is in the detail.  We can help you understand what it means for your business. We can offer anything from a light touch approach of a “Help desk” service, which can answer all your immediate questions to more complex supply chains solutions that can manage the duty costs associated with Brexit such as: 

Understanding Origin

Is the “HOT TOPIC” following the announcement of the deal. Can you claim preference and utilise a 0% duty rate on the of the movement of goods across the EU/UK border? We can help you understand and claim preference. 


What value should be declared upon import? Getting this right can save you significant amounts. 

Delivery (Inco) Terms

Understanding on what terms the goods are moving across borders is critical to managing your compliance and risk in other territories. We offer advice and training on how these impact your business. 

Inward and Outward Processing

These customs regimes can save duty where imported goods are manufactured and re-exported or processed into a new finished product upon which duty would not have been paid if imported. 


Sometimes businesses have questions or need support that is not a “project”. Whether is a one-off query, need for additional specialist support, to bounce ideas off of or run through option, our Customs and Export Control Helpdesk is designed to provide you with timely assistance. All work is based on an hourly retainer rate, which is only charged for the time spent when you request assistance – that means you only pay for what you use!

If a Helpdesk is of interest, contact us and we can have one set up for you in advance. This way once you need it, it’s all ready for you to use.